Future Fins Quad Rear Fins QD2 4


The Future Fins Quad Rears QD2 4 give you light weight honeycomb construction so your board isn’t tail heavy. The fin template delivers drive with release

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Future Fins Quad Rear Fins QD2 4

The Future Fins Quad Rear Fins QD2 4 are designed to upgrade you to a Quad. They have a height of 4″. They have a symmetrical foil so both sides of the fin have a convex finish, like your rear fin. So they feel stable and smooth. When you push on the fin the drive is strong and consistent. This foil also gives you speed so they add speed. Construction is honeycomb so the fin is light with a smoke finish.

The Future Fins Quad Rears QD2 4 feature the Futures Truss Base. The truss breaks under heavy impact reducing the risk of injury and board damage. Medium to large sized surfers are who these fins are recommended. So this means in the 65-88kg range. Their symmetrical foil means they would suit fin placement closer to the stringer. To find out more on how Futures can power your surfing check here: Future fins – Surf Better

Specs are as follows: Rear Fins- Height: 4.05″ Base: 3.87″ Area: 11.67″ Foil: Symmetrical


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