Future Fins Legacy HC Thruster Pivot Set


The Future Fins Legacy HC Pivot Set gives you great pivot for top to bottom surfing. Wider base gives power drive. Honeycomb construction means they’re ultra light

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Future Fins Legacy HC Thruster Pivot Set

The Future Fins Legacy HC Thruster Pivot Set give you next gen performance. Pivot means you get great short arc, vertical top to bottom surfing. Legacy means you’re getting the best of all their previous designs rolled into one. Their upright shape means that when you go into a bottom turn or top turn you’ll turn more vertically. Your board will tend to pivot around it’s central point. The result is big power moves. So that you also have good forward direction the fins have a solid base. This helps you harness the most of the wave power. You get a great feeling of speed, drive and control. The rear fin is smaller than the side fins. This enhances your change of direction so you don’t bog or drag off the top. The smaller rear fin comes around in your turns more easily.

Ultra Light Feel

Construction of the Future Fins Legacy HC Thruster Pivot Set is HC honey comb. This gives you a very light fin. Under your feet you get a positive balanced feel. The more power you apply the more your board will drive. You get solid dependable turns. The Future Fins Legacy HC Thruster Pivot Set comes in three sizes. P4 being a small sized fin, P6 being mid-sized, P8 being biggest.

You can use the set of fins across your board quiver. For example in small waves the bigger P8 fin can harness the most of the small wave power while still giving you dynamic turns. The P6 with its mid-size is great for your every day wave size, jamming turns. The P4 is smaller so in your StepUp will give you a positive vertical feel when there’s plenty of power in the wave. Also the different fin sizes can match your size and weight, P4 Small surfer, P6 Medium sized surfer, P8 Large for a large surfer. Check our full range of Surfboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins


P4 Side Fins: Area 14.22 Height 4.44 Base 4.24 Foil Flat P4 Rear Fin: 13.22 Height  4.22 Base  4.12 Foil 50/50

P6 Side Fins: Area 14.98 Height 4.55 Base 4.35 Foil Flat P6 Rear Fin: Area 14.05 Height  4.35 Base 4.25 Foil 50/50

P8 Side Fins: Area 15.90 Height 4.69 Base 4.48 Foil Flat P8 Rear Fin: Area 14.77 Height 4.46 Base 4.35 Foil: 50/50


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