Future Fins F4 Thermo Tri Set


Future Fins F4 Thermo Thruster Set. Thruster set with performance balancing drive and flex. If you’re a smaller surfer or looking for a set of fins for your gun, these are a great option.

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Future Fins F4 Thermo Tri Set

The Future Fins F4 Thermo Tri Set is one of Future’s most popular mid-sized fins and gives great performance. F4 refers to the shape of the fin. It sits as a smaller fin in the F6 and F8 family. The F4 has a medium width at the base so you get good positive drive and power transfer. At the tip it’s full so you get more drive. This fullness also equates to speed as the fin holds well in the wave face so you can direct water flow. Extra area in the tip helps the board hold on the rail while carving a turn. Off the top the fin tip loads energy and releases resiliently as needed. The F4 has a well rounded design so you get a consistent smooth feel.

Flex & Drive

Thermo refers to Thermotech, the Future Fins F4 construction material. Each fin’s flex and resiliency is precisely controlled so you get control. This is accomplished by varying the amount of materials in the Thermo. The combination of resin composite and glass fiber content deliver the right level of flex and stiffness. So you get drive and flex. The Future Fins F4 Thermo Tri Set comes with the Futures Truss Base which makes them lighter. The truss is designed to break under impact. So the risk of injury or board damage is reduced. All-white, the fins have a great trad look. To find out more on how Futures can power your surfing check here: Future fins – Surf Better

Specifications are as follows: Side Fins- Height: 4.37″ Base: 4.22″ Area: 14.22″ Foil: Flat. Center Fin- Height: 4.37″ Base: 4.22″ Area: 14.22″ Foil: Symmetrical.

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