FK Superior 6′ Leash


The FK Superior 6′ Leg Rope gives you top quality superior 7mm urethane in the cord for the best controlled return of your board. Double marine brass swivels prevent twisting and catching under your feet and fins. Comfy cuff

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FK Superior 6′ Leash

The FK Superior 6′ Leash gives you high performance surfing. This leg rope is rated for your Shortboard for stronger 5′-8′ surf. Made from superior quality urethane it has enhanced durability and usability. The 7mm diameter high-quality cord has the right amount of spring and elasticity. So it doesn’t overstretch in the impact zone and returns the board where you need it. It also won’t spring your board back to you too quickly. This is a great accessory from FK Surf.

A Stand Away strap design keeps the FK Superior 6′ Leash directed away from your feet. So you get unobstructed surfing when you’re taking critical drops.  The cord also isn’t under your feet once on the wave. High-quality stainless steel swivels are incorporated at both ends. So the leg rope turns and moves freely. This helps reduce snaking and twisting and is an important feature. It helps prevent the cord from snagging around your fins slowing you down or causing your board to catch. A detachable rail saver is also part of the package so on small days it’s easy to surf free. FK Surf has constructed this leash of quality components making it a great surf accessory. Check our full range of Leg Ropes at Manly Surfboards>Leg Ropes

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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