FK Retro Tail Pad


The FK Retro Tail Pad is a wide pad ideal for your Fish, Hybrid and small wave charger with wider tails. Low arch and kick give you easy unobstructed movement to set up big moves with your back foot.

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FK Retro Tail Pad

The FK Retro Tail Pad gives you a high functionality grip packed with a heap of features. The pad is wide 33cm wide by 31cm long so ideal for your wider tail small wave board, Fish or Hybrid. It’s too wide for your narrow pin tail so check your tail width. The 3 piece design has two side pieces. You can expand these separately placing them closer to the rails.

So your mid-size and wide tail boards get optimal coverage. The center piece is relatively wide providing a good base for your foot. The raised 5mm arch is a good height, just enough for you to feel it and give you support. The arch area has lateral slats so give the underside of your foot good trip.

Air Kick

The tail has an 18mm kick. This is quite low. The kick has an angled entry so it’s designed so that you can use the whole kick, not just the facing edge, to get traction. If you go for airs and late takeoffs you’ll be able to place your foot right on the kick giving you that extra hold.

Holes on the edges of the pad provide points that your toes can grip into. These are a great feature if you’re progressing your surfing with heel and toe moves. You can really feel these holes giving you grip. There’s an incut pattern at the tail so you can place this grip relatively close to the end of your board.

The edges of the grip are rolled. This gives you better water flow and release. A single layer diamond pattern gives the pad it’s overall traction texture. High quality adhesive means the pad will stay put once applied. The FK Retro Tail Pad has an EVA construction.

So while providing great traction you get minimal irritation on your knee and thigh. Check our full range of Surfboard Grips at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Grips



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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 15 cm


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