FK Mens Wetsuit Vest Short Sleeve


The FK Mens Wetsuit Vest Short Sleeve gives you 1.5mm protection from morning chill and seabreeze. Good body length aids lower back protection

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FK Mens Wetsuit Vest SS

The FK Mens Wetsuit Vest Short Sleeve gives you great summer surfing. Construction is of flexi and robust 1.5 mm neoprene. So it’s light giving you that right level of protection for warm water.

The cut of the FK Vest is long in the short sleeves and long in the waist. This gives you the protection where you need it. So your shoulders and biceps are kept warm and snug protected from the early morning chill and blustery seabreeze. The raglan cut of the shoulder giving maximum freedom of movement so maximimising your paddling performance.

The body length is long so you don’t have the vest riding up exposing your back. This is vital for performance as a cool lower back becomes stiff inhibiting your big moves, and bringing on the likelihood of injury. It is also convenient so you don’t have to keep pulling the vest down everytime you get a wave or dump.

The collar is a perfect height where you don’t have water flusing in. It’s also not too high being constrictive or giving you rash. This is a great top for your warm water surfing. Check our full range of Mens Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Mens Wetsuits

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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