FK H20 Surf Cap


The FK H20 SurfCap gives you great value and is constructed of lightweight nylon. You get a chin clip for superior fit, mesh lining for quick dry, and an elongated visor giving maximum sun protection. Soft ear straps give comfort and protection without limiting your hearing

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FK H20 Surf Cap

The FK H20 Surf Cap gives you longer surfing while reducing your exposure to the sun. Streamlined and minimalist the cap has little interference with your surfing when compared to bulky bucket surf hats. Looking like a trucker hat you get a cool sense of style with all the surfing benefits. Construction is of lightweight quick dry nylon so you’re not carrying any extra weight. When you do get wet from a wipeout the water mostly beads off. The visor is slightly elongated. So you get good coverage from glare and direct overhead sun. This is a great feature keeping the sun out of your eyes much more than other surf cap styles. The FK H20 Surf Cap straps feature a small clip that’s both quick and easy to connect. So getting the cap on takes a second. It will also quickly disconnect as needed in the event it gets tangled in with your gear. The soft feel straps blend in to protective pieces for your ears so they’re not getting any additional sun exposure. They’re also super comfy in this area where you can sometimes get abrasion. Internally there’s a mesh lining adding to fit, quick dry and comfort. The FK H2O Cap is a great value surf accessory. 

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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