FK Allrounder Shortboard Boardbag


FK Allrounder Shortboard Board Bag. Well designed quality slim width single boardbag 5mm padding with a corrosion resistant zip. A great value durable way to transport your board while keeping it safe.

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FK Allrounder Shortboard Boardbag

The FK Allrounder Shortboard Boardbag gives great all-round protection for your board. What makes it different from the Far King Funboard cover is it’s designed for a snugger fit. There’s still extra space but not as much width as with the Funboard cover.

This is important as the snug fit ensures there’s not too much board momentum before the foam stops the movement. No nonsense, it caters for one board. UV reflective tarpee material makes up the outer construction. So you get protection from the sun. It’s also waterproof, tough and sturdy so won’t rip or tear easily.

5mm padding gives great all-round protection. The nylon zip is corrosion resistant so will run smoothly which is one of the most vital features. Extra protection is given to the nose with buffer pieces on both sides. So your board will stay extra safe in this vulnerable area.

Included is a storage loop. This is a handy feature for vertical hanging out of the way of odd bumps and kicks. There’s a pocket for accessories so you can stash your wax, leash and fins.

A comfy shoulder strap completes the bag. It’s detachable so you can put it out of the way as needed. To find out more on how FK Far King can power your surfing check here: FK Surf Essentials

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm


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