FK Allrounder Longboard Boardbag


FK Allrounder Longboard Boardbag gives you 5mm padding throughout with a durable reflective waterproof tarpee material and corrosion resistant zip that keeps running smoothly. It gives great protection for your Longboard, Mal or Mid Length

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FK Allrounder Longboard Boardbag

The FK Allrounder Longboard Boardbag is a great board bag. It’ll work as your Mini-Mal board cover, Mid Length Board Bag and for your Longerboard. It’s designed to give you great protection for one board.  A feature specifically for all these types of boards is the included long velcro flap on the bottom. This is so your big center fin can extend without the hassle of having to remove it.

UV reflective silver tarpee material makes up the construction. So you get great protection from the sun. It’s also waterproof and tough and sturdy so won’t rip or tear easily. The FK Longboard Bag has 5mm padding throughout so you get great all-round protection.

The FK Allrounder Longboard Cover nylon zip is corrosion resistant. So will stay smooth running even when exposed to salt water which is one of the most vital features. There’s nothing worse than not using your board bag for a season and finding the zip has corroded and is not usable.

Extra Features

The FK Allrounder Longboard Bag nose has extra protection with buffer pieces on both sides. So you get extra protection where it’s needed in this vulnerable area. Included is a storage loop. This is a super handy feature for vertical hanging if you’ve never used one. So you can hang your board vertically taking up less space, for example behind a door or in your garage.

There’s an internal pocket for accessories so you can stash your wax, leash and fins. A detachable shoulder strap completes the bag. This a great bag that can be used for your Mini-Mal board cover and Mid Length board bag too. To find out more on how FK Far King can power your surfing check here: FK Surf Essentials

  • 5mm all-round padding
  • Padded carry hand and shoulder handle
  • Extra padding in critical areas
  • Hanging options

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 30 cm


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