Balin Ute Longboard Boardbag


Balin Ute Longboard Boardbag. Wide bag 25″ width to nose, almost to tail. Great for hybrid boards and long Fishes. Single fin popup slot. This is a great quality robust bag giving you great value

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Balin Ute Longboard Boardbag

The Balin Ute Longboard Boardbag is excellent for your daily surfing use. It has a full 5mm foam padding, so you get good all-round protection for your board. The outer skin is robust, reflective tarpee. It holds up to rugged use and reflects the sun’s heat. Available in a range of lengths, the bag’s width dimension of 25″ is extremely generous. This width runs from the nose for extra wide nose boards almost to the tail. So, it will fit hybrid wide boards like Long Fish. The popup fin boot is a great feature that doesn’t require removing your fins. The Balin Ute Longboard Cover has a carry handle and shoulder strap so you can easily get your board around. The nose has an extra layer of coverage, so it protects from inevitable bumps. The bag is lightweight, making it super easy to carry around. Having a good cover for your board is super important. During your day-to-day surfing, you can slip or bump your board, creating a ding. This can equate to time out of the water. When travelling, a cover is essential, and this is a great one. The Balin Ute cover is convenient as it gives you the extra width you don’t get from any other brand.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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