Creatures Shortboard Sox Boardbag


Creatures Shortboard Stretch Sox Board Cover. Premium quality first layer protection. Expands for snug fit. Great for protecting from wax, bumps and dust.


Creatures Shortboard Sox Boardbag

The Creatures Shortboard Sox Boardbag is a premium surf accessory. This woven cover stretches to fit your shortboard both width and longways so you get a super snug fit. The Stretch Sox provides a great, lightweight, handy first layer of protection. It’s great for your daily surf, easy to get on and off, not adding bulk so ideal when transporting your board in your car.

It saves your interior from wax and marking. If you’ve got a few boards or your mate’s boards in the car, the Creatures Shortboard Sox Boardbag is perfect to save from bumps and scrapes. Back at home base there’s no extra bulk, so no extra space taken up. It protects from accidental bumps and dust and leaves your board immediately at hand.

The Creatures Shortboard Sox Board Cover is also very handy when traveling for use inside your travel cover so adding another layer of safety. There’s also a padded nose patch. The stretch material is hard wearing acrylic, polyester, spandex terry fabric blend so is super durable. Constructed of a special weave it won’t unravel if a thread pulls or gets broken.

For the closure the Creatures Shortboard Sox Boardbag has a drawstring with barrel lock closure. This is a great, handy premium accessory coming in a range of sizes so will fit all your boards. If you get one for each board in your quiver all will have protection at home, in your office or garage, and out of the road.

To find out more on how Creatures can power your surfing check here: Meet The Creatures

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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