FCS II AM PC Twin+1 Fin Set


FCS II AM PC Twin+1 Fin Set. High degree of rake for pivot vertical surfing with power from big side fins. Check our Surfboards and Accessories NOW!

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FCS II AM PC Twin+1 Fin Set

The FCS II AM PC Twin+1 Fin Set is a versatile fin combo. Designed by Al Merrick, long time shaper for Kelly Slater, it has a history of proven performance behind it. The set consists of two large side fins with a smaller centre fin. The centre fin is not a nubster so it has a more thruster feel. The side fins are the size of large thruster fins. So you get drive and power. Charging down the face and hitting the bottom they give you hold.

Off the top is where the smaller rear fin comes into play. You get release and freedom with stability so  you have control. You can blow the fins or bring the tail around in a layback snap. All the fins have a high degree of rake so you can pivot, turning more radically. You can fit more vertical surfing on the wave. So going more top to bottom.

PC refers to the construction of the fin, Performance Core.  It delivers the feel of a traditional fibreglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. The set is good for Twin Fins. You can surf with just the two side fins, leaving out the rear. It can also work in Fish boards so you get performance across the wider tail area. To find out more on how FCS can power your surfing check here: FCS Surf Advantage

Specs are as follows: Twin Base: 4.70″ Depth: 4.83″ Area: 15.90″² Sweep: 36.3° Foil: Flat. Rear Base: 4.60″ Depth: 4.50″ Area: 15.10″² Sweep: 40º Foil: Flat

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 cm


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