Cressi Pinne Light Swim Fin Short Bianca


The Cressi Pinne Light Swim Fin Short Bianca has a short blade perfect for training, snorkeling and travel. The short blade exercises your legs while also giving propulsion. Super soft on your feet with great fit

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Cressi Pinne Light Swim Fin Short Bianca

The Cressi Light Swim Fin gives you great propulsion for swimming and snorkeling. It’s a short fin, so while the foot area is made for your size feet, the blade of the fin is extra short. It’s purposefully designed to give you advanced features. For exercise swimming you get an extra work out. For each kick you only get a certain level of propulsion, you don’t go too far. So you have to do more kicks to get your laps done. The small blade area still provides resistance in the water so you get more of a work out too. Cressi have done the research and the blade length is perfect for muscle training without causing cramps or discomfort. The Cressi short floating swim fins are well designed and proven.

Short Blade

The short blade length is also great for traveling. It makes it much easier to put the fins in your backpack or luggage. So instead of being forced to leave normal bulky fins behind, when you arrive at your destination you’re all ready to go. Ideal for ocean or pool swims. The short blade also gives you a lot more mobility. It’s much easier to walk in these fins. So if you’re entering the water for a snorkel off rocks or walking out in shallow water across the sand bank, you’ll be able to do it much more easily with the smaller length blade. Construction features multi compounds. The foot well is extra soft for comfort while still maintaining shape for good fit. The blade area is stiffer with just the right flex for good propulsion and work out. The Cressi Pinne Light Swim Fin Short Bianca are a great set of fins. Check our full range of Swim and Dive Gear at Manly Surfboards>Dive & Swim

  1. Compact size maximises your work out
  2. Compact size is great for travel
  3. Easy walking when getting to your snorkel destination


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 20 cm


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