Orca High Visibility Swim Fin


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The Orca High Visibility Swim Fin is 100% high quality silicone giving great comfort, fit & workout. The blade is short specifically designed to enhance your swim workout. High viz colour means you and the fins are easily seen.


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Orca High Visibility Swim Fin

The Orca High Visibility Swim Fin is a great fin for your beach workout, free swimming, snorkelling and beach going. These fins have a short blade, designed to be used for swim training. The short blade is designed to give you more resistance over swimming with your bare foot. So as you kick the flipper creates resistance in the water giving you a work out. Your leg and kick muscles are enhanced and built up. You get more propulsion than with bare feet but not as much as with a longer and bigger pair of fins. So they’re a great way to still get extra propulsion for catching waves bodysurfing or for snorkelling. When snorkelling they offer an enclosed heel giving protection from rocks and sharp objects if you stand up on a rock or the ocean floor.

Quality Material

The Orca High Vis Swim Fins are constructed of 100% high quality silicone. This gives you comfort when swimming, a great fit, and durability. The blade of the fin has a stiff blade so as you kick your movement is translated more directly into propulsion rather than the fin flopping around.  The blade of the fins has been specifically designed for training. Because the Orca High Visibility Swim Fin is lightweight, compact, it’s easy to take anywhere. A great way to help you stay in shape. The other big advantage is the high vis colour means you’ll be easy to spot in the water and if a fin comes off you’ll be able to retrieve it easily. Check our range of snorkel and swim gear at Manly Surboards>Dive and Swim

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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