Orca Pull Buoy


The Orca Swim PullBuoy gives you a swim workout focusing on arm strength & technique. Held between your legs it inhibits leg movement and sinking so that correct swim posture is maintained and focus is on arm movement.

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Orca Pull Buoy

The Orca Pull Buoy is a great tool to use to improve your swim performance. The way it does this is that it fits between your legs under your crutch. You squeeze and hold the buoy so that it remains in place. As you swim you keep the buoy in place and this inhibits your natural leg movement. As your legs don’t kick your lower body has a tendency to sink. The floatation of the buoy prevents this, keeping you in good swimming posture. You can focus attention on working out your arms for swimming strength, technique and style.

The Orca Pull Buoy has a non-symmetrical shape, bigger at one end. This larger end is placed between your legs so that it faces to the front of your body. When in the water it faces the bottom of the pool. This is the section that gives you most of your buoyancy. Coming in a striking black and white colour the Orca Pull Buoy is ready to go to work to improve your swim performance. Orca is a leader in swim gear and the buoy has great design. Check our full range of Swim Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Swim Accessories.

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