Blobb Mini Tube 0.8 Oz


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The Blobb Mini Tube is super versatile, suited for wide ranging repairs including flexi repairs. Dries clear. Check our Surf Repair Products Online NOW!

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Blobb Mini Tube 0.8 Oz

The Blobb Mini Tube 0.8 Oz is a super fixer for most things you use for your surfing. It’s a resin that dries clear and with flex. This is good for your surfboard as flex means the resin will not be too rigid and pop out of your repair. It’s especially good for repairs to a wide range of surf equipment. The list of items that can be repaired include: softboards, bodyboards, wetsuit gloves, booties, vests, traction pads, swim fins, goggles and face masks. In fact any type of plastic, silicon and rubber material can be repaired. The Blobb Mini Tube is suited to those that have constant flex.

The Blobb Mini Tube 0.8 Oz is not recommended for the foam inside your boards and some plastics used on bodyboard slicks. So it’s not recommended for Styrofoam, polystyrene, Syrlyn, polyethylene, or polypropylene plastics.

The way Blobb Mini Tube works is that you apply it like other resin repairs. It takes a little time to work. During this time it expands to fill all the small spaces in your repair in the the repair material. A time period of between 24-48 hours is recommended, based on climate. After that time you’ll have a repair that dries super clear and gives you great flex. Included in the kit is an applicator stick so you can help the repair process by getting the Blobb resin into all the cracks of your repair. Check our full range of Repair Products at Manly Surfboards>Repair Products


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