Billabong Dutton Fedora Hat


The Billabong Dutton Fedora Hat gives you a distinctive look and great sun protection. with 100% natural wool. Leather band adds class

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Billabong Dutton Fedora Hat

The Billabong Dutton Fedora Hat gives you great sun protection with distinctive look. This is not like any surf trucker or straw hat. You get a new level of style and sophistication that’s unique. So it’s great to make a statement for your personal style at the beach, or to wear for more upmarket events.

The hat features soft curves through the crown and brim. This is achieved with by moulding the 100% wool felt, so it’s entirely natural. The crown is high so will keep the sun at bay. The brim is not quite as wide as a straw hat yet there’s still plenty there to protect your nose, face, neck and shoulders.

The brim has a slight downward curving adding to the style. It will give you that detective look where your eyes are just visible. Around the hat there’s a band to seal the brim and another leather braided crown band to give a snug fit. So when you pull the hat down it will grip to your head.

A subtle metal badge features the Billabong logo. This hat gives you a great distinctive look with protection from the hottest sun. Check our full range of Beachwear at Manly Surfboards>Beachwear

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 20 cm


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