Adelio 3mm Deluxe Surf Gloves


The Adelio 3mm Deluxe Surfing Gloves are great for surfing, swimming & snorkeling. Tatex sealed, super flex & warm you don’t lose your hand grip and dexterity in the water


Adelio 3mm Deluxe Surf Gloves

The Adelio 3mm Deluxe Surf Gloves give you great extra protection from the elements. For surfing, snorkelling and swimming the 100% quad flex neoprene is super soft and supple so you don’t loose hand dexterity. Whether it’s gripping your board rails to duck dive, or for your pop up, loading your spear gun, or making strong swimming strokes these gloves have a super flexi snug fit. The 3mm thickness is generous compared to other gloves so you get extra warmth from both cold water and wind chill. A thermal banded plush lining gives additional warmth so your hands warm up extra quick. GBS Glued Blind Stitching is used so that the seams are sealed. Not only is water entry limited this means the inside of the glove is completely smooth and comfy. Externally the Adelio 3mm Deluxe Surf Gloves have Tatex liquid sealing used on the seams. This further prevents any water entry. The palm side has a hex-mesh grip giving you vital traction. Great for surfing these gloves are also great for snorkeling or diving. The thicker neoprene is also super flexi so you retain all the dexterity needed for spearfishing and underwater exploring. For swimming you get a longer Tatex sealed cuff to prevent water entry. So each of your strokes enters the water cleanly rather than having water sloshing in and out. These are a great pair of gloves. Check our full range of Swim Wetsuits at: Manly Surfboards>Swimming Wetsuits

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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