Orca Neoprene Thermal Hood


The Orca Neoprene Thermal Hood maps to your facial contours with a special cut around your face. Construction is of super supple smoothie with a plush lining. Extra long neck gives you great chest and back protection


Orca Neoprene Thermal Hood

The Orca Neoprene Thermal Hood is a fantastic swimming accessory for the dedicated swimmer and water person. This hood will keep you swimming in the coldest conditions or if you feel the cold it will give you maximum warmth. It will also work as a surfing accessory giving you maximum warmth and performance on your board. As you may know your body loses a large amount of heat via your uncovered head. So wearing this hood will prevent that heat being lost. When your head is warm the rest of your body feels warmer too.

Special Construction

The Orca Thermal Hood gives you special design features. It’s constructed entirely of smoothie neoprene. This smooth outer finish deflects and defeats wind. It’s also super soft and supple giving you a great fit. Fit is also enhanced with the cut. A front piece covers the contours of your face giving you great closure without constraint. Your whole head is covered with seamlessly joined pieces. There’s no external stitching to open or tear. The Thermal Hood cut also extends well down your neck to your front chest and back of your neck. So you can tuck the hood well into your wetsuit. When your wetsuit is closed you’ll get an almost complete seal preventing water entry.

Internally the Orca Neoprene Hood uses the Thermal X lining that captures and retains your body heat. It’s also plush so super comfy. With the Orca Thermal Hood you’ll be able to swim as long as you want, with minimal affect from the elements. This is a great swimming accessory. It can also work well as a surf accessory on your board or SUP. Check our full range of Swimming Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Swimming Wetsuits

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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