VS Prism Kinetic x 4 Bodyboard


The VS Prism Kinetic x 4 Bodyboard gives you quad channels, popping core, new rocker, with grip so you don’t need wax. A great new board for your quiver.

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VS Prism Kinetic x 4 Bodyboard

The VS Prism Kinetic x 4 Bodyboard gives you a new model with features to take you next level. While not mentioned, the board includes many features developed by the World Champ Dave Winnie Winchester.

The x 4 indicates quad channels added as part of the CNC process. Pronouned toward the rear these give  a dynamic feel. You get water channeled for high speed. When you go into a change of direction you feel hold and grip on the wave face. Pulling on your rail the channels aid power carving turns.

A new refined curve gives you the feel your board is ready for anything. So offsetting the potential tracking of the channels you get a feel your board can go anywhere, do anything, on the wave face. This is a great feeling.

Popping Core

The Kinetic foam is polypropylene. Produced under high pressue it’s super lively. When compressed it releases with extra high energy. Going into turns you load up and on exit get an extra boost. This is great for smaller waves where you need all the energy you can get. On bigger waves you can be more controlled, focusing on your line.

A composite CFT stringer adds to the high energy feel. As a composite you get an instananeous response allowing for quick high speed moves. You can go from one into another, your board popping. The Dupont Surlyn slick giving additional speed overall. So between sections, over flat spots, you’ll be maintaining high speed.

The 55/45 rails add to your control. With more of your board in contact with the wave you get more feel and feedback knowing when to hold, when to release. GripTech is a new added feature removing the need for wax. There’s react mesh, Wavecushion deck, XFL Armour, nose and tail guards and nose bulbs finishing this high performance board. Check our full range of Bodyboards at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards



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