Sunbum Beach Flyer


The Sunbum Beach Flyer gives you a heap of frisbee beach fun with regulation size and weight. The logo is of a gorilla head that will spin crazily with each throw. The yellow pastel colour conjours the vibe of summer

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Sunbum Beach Flyer

The Sunbum Beach Flyer gives you a great way to have fun at the beach. This is an American designed product so you get a specially aerodynamically designed as they take their frisbee flying seriously. It’s great for super fun use at the beach or park so is a versatile accessory.

According to Sunbum the Flyer is 175 grams regulation weight and 10.5 inches regulation width. So if needed you can compete competitively. Construction is of plastic and the disk shape will easily fit into your beach bag or board bag. So you’ll have it on hand to have fun if the waves don’t offer any.

Great colours and fun logo follow Sunbum’s theme. You get the gorilla head on the backdrop of pastel sand yellow. The colour conjours up the feeling of summer and the logo is all fun. When you give the Flyer a throw you’ll have the gorilla head spinning crazily.

If you’re looking for beach activity for all ages this is near perfect. You can use it at the park too so can get great use out of it. Check our full range of Beach Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Beach Accessories

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm


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