SOLAREZ Polyester Resin


The SOLAREZ Polyester Resin gives a quick quality repair of your PU surfboard. Sets in the sun. Embedded fibers give extra strength for durable repairs and high stress areas.

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SOLAREZ Polyester Resin

The SOLAREZ Polyester Resin gives you a great tool to give your board a rapid quality repair. Note, this resin is for PU polyester surfboards, so it’s not for epoxy surfboards.  The resin comes in the form of a thick liquid so is easy to squeeze out and apply to your ding.

With exposure to sunshine it’s activated and sets in 3 minutes. The way you repair your ding can take advantage of this sunshine activation. For example you can apply the resin in the shade and get your shatter or ding covered. You can smooth, wipe off excess and make sure all is good. If possible, covering with firm plastic will help give a smooth finish.

If you’re using it to fill a deep hole, the approach is to fill around 5mm first then sun cure. Then do another 5mm, and so on. In the sun the resin dries hard and the inclusion of embedded fiber reinforcement gives it high strength for fin box and rail repairs.

The resin is versatile. It will cure in the sun. You can also mix it with MEKP catalyst to set when there’s no sun. This is a super handy way to give your board a low emmission eco repair. Check our full range of Solarez Surfboard Repair at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Repairs

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm


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