SOLAREZ Neo Rez UV Wetsuit Repair 1 OZ Tube


The SOLAREZ Neo Rez UV Wetsuit Repair 1OZ Tube fully cures in 3 minutes with a waterproof flexi repair. Fixes wide range of wetsuit leaks, seam and hole problems.

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SOLAREZ Neo Rez UV Wetsuit Repair 1 OZ Tube

The SOLAREZ Neo Rez UV Wetsuit Repair 1 OZ Tube gives you a great way to quickly repair your neoprene wetsuit. What’s amazing about this repair glue is that it cures super fast in 3 minutes in UV and sunlight. It also acts as a filler and restorer.
It comes in a small handy tube that’s easy to throw in your bag. It dries soft and supply so will still flex with your wetsuit. It’s great across all your wetsuit problem scenarios.
For example if your stitching is coming undone apply over the thread and it will prevent unravelling. If the seam is already open, seal the edges and apply the glue. You can tape the seam edges together so make sure the seal is complete until dry.
If you’ve got a hole you can apply Neo-Rez generously over it. The glue sticks to itself so will cover and seal the area. If the hole is large use a spare piece of wetsuit or t-shirt material. Applying the glue over it will still create a great waterproof repair.
UV Neo-Rez can also be used on booties to cover holes, thinning areas or to retread so you’ll have good grip on your board. Solarez is a super handy way to give your wetsuit a quality waterproof low emmission eco repair. Check our full range of Solarez Surfboard Repair at Manly Surfboards>WetsuitAccessories


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