Slippy Ripstop Wetsuit Sock


The Slippy Ripstop Wetsuit Sock is fantastic for getting your wet or dry wetsuit on fast, easily and safe. It slides onto your foot or hand and then you put your wetsuit on as normal, your wetsuit gliding on super easily

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Slippy Ripstop Wetsuit Sock

The Slippy Ripstop Wetsuit Sock is a must have surf accessory. It will get you into the surf faster, make getting your wetsuit on easier, and will extend your wetsuit life. It’s amazing something so simple can be so useful. This sock slides over your feet and hands and allows your wetsuit to slide on super easily. It works great whether your wetsuit is wet or dry. You simply put the sock on your foot or hand then go about putting your wetsuit on as normal. Your wetsuit glides on, your legs and arms end up in their ideal position. It’s fast. Your wetsuit won’t stick, snag or bunch up on your skin so you don’t have to take time to unravel it. So a simple slide and it’s on whether your suit is wet or dry.

Works Wet or Dry

The Slippy Ripstop Wetsuit Sock is easy. If you find putting your zipless or other style wetsuit on is a problem or you have to do some form of contortion then the Sock makes it easy. With the slide the wetsuit ends up almost right up on your shoulder. Minimal exertion is required. As there’s a lot less tugging and pulling there’s a lot less wear on your wetsuit. Your wetsuit seams receive less pressure. So the sock can extend the life of your wetsuit. The sock material is ripstop nylon. Ripstop means that if there’s a small cut or abrasion the material won’t unravel. So it will last. The sock is finished with a handy  elastic cuff and small pull tab. Check our full range of Wetsuit Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuit Accessories

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