Seacured Longboard Single Fin


The Seacured Longboard Single Fin is ideal for your Mid length or longer board. Its polycarbonate construction is light, so you get performance, yet strong so will take a few bumps. Adjustable means you can enhance your board’s performance moving your fin in your fin box

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Seacured Longboard Single Fin

The Seacured Longboard Single Fin is ideal for your Mid Length, Mini-mal or Longboard. It’s a good value durable fin constructed of strong polycarbonate. This material is light so you’re not adding extra weight to your board. It’s long wearing so even with the odd bump won’t crack or split. The fin has a tab and screw installation and only fits an adjustable fin box. You can slide this fin up and down the length of the box. Being adjustable it’s great to try this fin in a range of positions in the box, moving it and experimenting. For example placing the fin at the rear of the box gives your surfing drive and pivot for dynamic turns. Moving the fin forward can make your board looser giving a skatey fast feel.

Change Fin Position

The Seacured Longboard Single Fin comes in two sizes, an 8″ and 9″. These fins are not merely scaled. The 8″ is wider over all. Its wider base will give you a lot of drive for power bottom turns and off the lip moves. The 9″ is longer and leaner. It will give you hold in steeper wave faces. Being thinner it won’t create drag or bog you down. It will flex allowing you to carve responsively on the wave face. The fins are great for a wide range of surfboards. A wider tail Mini-mal will get great drive with the 8″ fin. Your Mid length will get speed and freedom from the 9″ fin. Check our full range of Surfboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 230 × 180 × 10 cm


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