Quiksilver Mens Long Sleeve 1.5mm Vest


The Quiksilver Mens Long Sleeve 1.5mm Vest is high tech with F’N Lite neoprene, special super snug cut & new comfy seams. Seams give you a great fit and the flexibility for big moves.



Quiksilver Mens Long Sleeve 1.5mm Vest

The Quiksilver Mens Long Sleeve 1.5mm Vest is a high tech way to give you that extra warmth in warmer water. The top features F’N Lite neoprene, exclusive to Quiksilver wetsuits. This gives you 1.5mm neoprene with substance, flex and warmth. It’s filled with air bubbles so is super light. You get maximum freedom of movement, snug fit, while feeling like you’ve almost got nothing on up top. The 1.5mm is better than 1mm that has a short life, and not as bulky or heavy as 2mm. The Quiksilver Mens 1.5mm Vest is free of any zips, velcro or fasteners. So there’s nothing to catch or mess with your high performance surfing. The cut features a high neck to minimise water entry, so you won’t get cold flushes.

The arms have one piece neoprene on the top and underarm. So there’s no seams to pull against on the top of your shoulder when paddling, and none under your armpit, an area prone to rash.

Tech Seams & Cut

The Quiksilver Mens 1.5mm Vest neoprene is held together with a new Coil  B-Lock seam that is more comfortable than the old style flat-lock, while providing greater sealing. The seams are pulled together on the outside of your suit so there’s less water entry keeping your warm. The bottom of the suit has a doubled-over seam that naturally keeps it from riding up. The back panel of the Quiksilver Mens 1.5mm Vest has a special cut so that the side seams curve in then out. This follows the natural curve of your back reducing any looseness. So those important areas like your lower back are kept snug. Your surf performance is enhanced as you stay warm. The long sleeves provide maximum freedom of movement while still giving you 100% UV protection from the sun, and protection from the wind, your board and other elements. Even protection from ocean stingers.

The Quiksilver Mens Long Sleeve 1.5mm Vest is a high quality performance wetsuit top. Check our full range of wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm


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