Phix Doctor Zero G Filler Resin


Phix Doctor Zero G Resin. For poly and epoxy boards. Full kit. Cleans off in soap & water. Check our Surf Accessories NOW!

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Phix Doctor Zero G Filler Resin

The Phix Doctor Zero G Filler Resin is 67ml of white repair solution for your surfboard. It’s handy to have repair in a tube on hand fix your board when needed. Simply squeeze and smooth the resin over your ding and in minutes it’s ready. Phix Doctor claim major benefits over other products. The resin includes fiberglass filler so it’s light and strong, the fibreglass being lighter than solid resin. With the embedded fibreglass the repair has more flexibility to flex with your board, and durability and strength, than just resin alone.

Unlike other resins that require chemicals for a complete clean off, the Phix Doctor Zero G Filler Resin uses only soap and water. If you’ve used your fingers to smooth the ding this is great to get them clean and environmentally responsible. This is a great feature. Phix Doctor Filler doesn’t go off inside the tube. Many other resins over time will harden in the tube especially once open. This product remains ready to use indefinitely. However as soon as you’ve applied it to your ding it will go off. Coming in a robust tube, it’s super easy and handy to throw in your backpack or boardbag. For airline travel this product is considered approved. The Phix can also be used safely on both your epoxy and poly surfboards so can cover your full quiver. The kit includes sand paper, applicators and smoothing sheets. Check our full range of Surfboard Repair at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Repairs

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