SOLAREZ Sponge-Rez Tube


The SOLAREZ Sponge-Rez Tube gives you a quick quality waterproof bodyboard repair. Easy to apply, sets in the sun. Can be used to repair the outer skin and slick.

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SOLAREZ Sponge-Rez Tube

The SOLAREZ Sponge Rez Tube gives you the fast easy way to repair your bodyboard. Note, this resin is for use only on the exterior of your bodyboard. It must not come in contact with your EPS or styrofoam core. Use is for bodyboards with the following materials: Ethafoam, Surlyn, EVA, Vinyl, and Arcel.

The resin is very versatile. It dries with a finish similar to a bodyboard or Softboard deck. So it is great for the repair of holes, dents and damaged areas. For example around the leash anchor or a creased bottom. It’s waterproof so once applied and dry it will seal your board. It also retains its flexibility matching that of your board.

When starting your repair make sure you’re not applying the resin the core, just the deck or slick. If there’s any loose pieces either move them out of the way, or cut them off. You then fill your hole, crease or area of damage with the resin. You can use a piece of plastic film over the top to smooth it out.

Place any loose piece back in place over the filled ding and secure with tape. Place the Sponge-Rez filled repair in the sun and within 5 minutes the resin is set and your repair complete. Solarez is a great way to repair your bodyboard. Check our full range of Solarez Surfboard Repair at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Repairs

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm


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