Ocean & Earth Quick Dry Wetsuit Hanger


The Ocean & Earth Quick Dry Wetsuit Hanger can dry your suit 4 times faster, prevents odour & mould. It’s also collapsible so easy to take with you to have a dry suit whenever you surf.

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Ocean & Earth Quick Dry Wetsuit Hanger

The Ocean & Earth Quick Dry Wetsuit Hanger gives you the secret to a fast drying wetsuit. Its a great Wetsuit Accessory. There’s nothing worse than getting into a cold wetsuit. Pulling that cold garment on is not a nice feeling. When it’s wet it’s much harder to get on. Your feet get stuck in the leg holes. Your arms get stuck at the wrists and you can easily damage your suit as the shoulder stitching and neoprene is much finer there. Pulling too hard can easily rip it. Once on a wet suit can cool your muscles making them cold. Paddling and going for moves with cold muscles can lead to strains limiting your surfing.

How does the Ocean & Earth Quick Dry Hanger help? It’s a hangar so by hanging your suit up vertically it aids excess water run off. This is much more efficient that having your suit folded over a balcony or similar where parts drain quickly while those at the fold remain wet. The hangar also is extra large. It creates more open space inside your suit for air to circulate. Air takes away the moisture so this speeds up drying. Ocean and Earth advise your wetsuit will dry up to 4 times faster. Air movement is also important to remove odours. These can quickly occur if you suit isn’t dried out. Also air movement prevents mould and all its nasty accompaniments.

The Ocean & Earth Quick Dry Hanger is a great accessory and it folds up small so you can take it with you and have it easily at hand. This is a great Wetsuit Accessory. Check our Wetsuit Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuit Accessories.

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