NSP O2 Allrounder LT Inflatable SUP


The NSP Oxygen Inflatable SUP comes from the proven NSP brand. It’s super versatile, light weight and deflates for easy carry in its own bag. Everything you need is included

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NSP O2 Allrounder LT Inflatable SUP

The NSP Oxygen Inflatable SUP is a great way for you to get paddle boarding. It overcomes the biggest problems with a SUP, weight and transportation. The Oxygen is inflatable so once inflated it’s as light as a SUP can be, as it’s filled with air. So it’s easy to carry and launch. It comes to you in deflated form, in a bag. So it will easily fit in the back of your car, on a car seat or in the boot. It can easily be carried so transporting is easy. So you can keep the SUP inflated and ready to go, or deflated. Keeping your SUP deflated means you have the option to carry it to otherwise inaccessible locations for launch off rocks or a scenic locale.

Once inflated the SUP is a generous thickness with a wider nose and shape. These give you stability making it is easy to ride for a Beginner. There’s grip covering most of the deck so you get great traction for your feet. In the event of a fall or wipeout the SUP material is much softer than that of a hard fibreglass board too. The kit comes with the bag, the pump, the fin, everything you need to hit the water. Super durable construction material will give you plenty of trouble free use. NSP is a well known brand with proven products and the Oxygen comes with all their design and manufacturing capability. Note, colour and format may differ from that shown. Check our range of SUP Gear at Manly Surfboards>Stand Up Paddle Boards.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 80 cm


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