Nomad Enigma XL 45 EPS Bodyboard


The Nomad Enigma XL 45 EPS Bodyboard gives you extra volume for high speed surfing with durable EPS foam core, 2 stringers, nose and tail bumpers, and high speed Dura-HDPE slick

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Nomad Enigma XL 45 EPS Bodyboard

The Nomad Enigma XL 45 EPS Bodyboard is a full featured board for the bigger surfer. 45 refers to the size, it’s 45″ long. This gives you a bigger board with floatation so it’s easier to paddle out and catch waves. If you’re a smaller surfer this size can be real fun too as you sit high on water getting maximum speed.

The core is EPS foam. This means it’s extra buoyant. So you don’t get bogged down on the wave face, you glide. The EPS foam is also stiffer. This is good as it keeps the board’s flatter shape adding to your speed on the wave.

Dual Stringer Recoil

The board incorporates two stringers. These are strips inside the board that add stiffness. They prevent the board from over flexing which not only slows you down, in extreme situations it can damage your board. So you’ve got extra stiffness so as a bigger rider you can still use your weight to charge bigger moves.

The stringers also add to your performance. They give you recoil so the board will flex into turns then spring back to a high speed curve squirting you in and out of sections.

The Dura-HDPE slick on the board’s bottom is durable and fast. It has graduated channels giving you added speed and hold in sucky sections. There’s an IXL cross link deck that’s durable and gives you good grip. Nose grips contoured into the shape further aid your grip. There’s also nose and tail bumpers that help protect your board from bumps and damage.

A crescent tail provides proven performance with twin points to turn off. 60/40 rails means that the board will more easily go into turns. Check our full range of Bodyboards at: Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 20 cm


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