MR Ezi Rider Soft Twin Softboard


The MR Ezi Rider Soft Twin Softboard gives you a Twin setup in a super fun package. You get EPS foam for great paddling and wave catching, stringers for durability and to maintain your high performance shape, and Futures fin boxes with fins included


MR Ezi Rider Soft Twin Softboard

The MR Ezi Rider Soft Twin Softboard will suit all surfers from Beginners & Groms to Pros. It’s designed by 4 times World Champion Mark Richards, MR. So it’s got all the features to give you maximum fun and performance. Unlike most softboards surfboards that are shaped like a slow big board, the Ocean & Earth Ezi Rider is like a performance shortboard. It’s called a Twin as the design is around the two side fins, twin fins. A third fin box is added at the tail so you can mix up the way your board surfs.

The Twin has a performance shape with a little more area. So you get high speed. Speed gives you a heap of fun. Toward the tail the Ezi Rider Soft Twin has a flyer reducing the size of the tail that finishes with a swallow tail. This allows you to put your foot back and do carving power turns.

Fun Performance Construction

The MR Ezi Rider Soft Twin Softboard has great construction. The core is EPS foam with enough volume for a larger surfer up to 85kg. It has a lot of float so you paddle easy, catch waves easily, and don’t bog down on waves. The core includes 2 stringers. These are reinforcements inside the foam that give strength. So your board will be durable and keep its intended performance shape. The bottom of the Ezi Rider Soft Twin features an HDPE slick. This is a high speed plastic similar to that found on bodyboards.

A key feature is the fin boxes that fit the single tab Futures fins. The boxes allow you to change fins so Pro fins can be used for enhanced performance. The included Ocean & Earth Softboards fins are classic MR Twin Fins so you’ve already got a great set to start with. The deck is IXL EBS with WBS. What this means is you get comfort when paddling and your feet get good grip while standing. The material is highly water resistant and has been heat tested to last through the hottest summer. The Ocean & Earth Ezi Rider comes with a 12 month warranty so will give you good long term surfing. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 180 × 55 × 40 cm


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