Manta Fin Savers


Manta Flipper Fin Savers. Bodyboarding or body surfing, these are the protection you need for your flippers. Check our Surf Accessories Online NOW!

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Manta Flipper Fin Savers

The Manta Flipper Fin Savers are a must have if you’re using fins. Whether it’s bodyboarding, body surfing, free swimming or snorkelling, you need these Fin Savers. No matter how good a fit you have with your fins, if you get a dump that wrong way there’s always a chance they’ll come off and you’ll lose them. Good fins are no small investment and these savers give you the protection you need. Quality materials make up the construction of the Manta Flipper Fin Savers. The ankle straps have neoprene padding so they’re comfortable and won’t chaff. The enclosure is a special design. There’s a double overlap setup, similar to that of a legrope, so there’s no chance these will come off by chance. Each enclosure has a pull tab so once you want them off with a simple tug you’re free.

The way the Manta Fin Savers work is that you attach one end to your fins, threading around the back strap. The other end is attached around your ankle. When you’re surfing they’re unnoticeable. You can kick, drive your fins into the wave face for direction carves, do whatever you need and you’ll not notice them. In the event of a big wipeout and your fins are ripped off by the wave you’ll find they’re still there attached to your ankles by the Fin Savers. The Manta Fin Savers are a must have as part of your bodyboarding or body surfing gear. To find out more on Manta check here: Manta Bodyboards

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