MadDog Mens Springsuit Wetsuit


The MadDog Mens Springsuit Wetsuit gives you high performance super flex shoulders with durable materials. So you get great paddling wave catching along with a suit that will last.


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MadDog Mens Springsuit Wetsuit

The MadDog Mens Springsuit Wetsuit is a great value, well constructed wetsuit that will give you fun surfing and ocean time. Maddog suits have excellent functional style and fit so are great for everything from swimming, paddling through to snorkeling and are packed with features. The shoulder and underarm panel construction material is SuperStretch 2mm Neoprene. This gives great flexibility in the upper arms important for catching waves, or swimming your best without limitation. The rest of the neoprene material used overall is flexi, easy to move in when crouching for the tube or extending for your power move.

Comfort & Durability

A smoothie collar is included. This is neoprene that has a smooth sealed finish. Next to the skin, and especially once wet, it glides so there’s extra comfort. Flatlock stitching covers all other seams. Flatlock means the stitching is flat against the neoprene. It doesn’t stick up so the chance of chafing is further reduced. The flatlock stitching is super durable so your suit will last. The heavy duty zip is non-corrosive and smooth running and is located in the back of the suit. This back zip gives you the easiest entry and exit of a wetsuit. The Maddog Springsuit gives you performance and durability whether you’re surfing hard or playing on the beach. Check our full range of Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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