ION Onyx Amp Mens Wetsuit Semidry Steamer 3-2mm LS


ION Onyx AMP Mens Semidry Steamer 3-2mm. ION Premium quality Cyber Stretch, GBS seams, MAKI tape. ION’s neoprene is noticeably smoother to the touch, super fitting and durable.

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ION Onyx AMP Mens Wetsuit Semidry Steamer 3-2mm LS

The ION Onyx AMP Mens Wetsuit Semidry Steamer 3-2mm LS long sleeve is a high end chest zip suit. The Onyx AMP incorporates key features over standard wetsuits. ION’s quality 3-2mm neoprene is noticeably better so you get super flexibility, comfort and durability.

The AMP is 100% Cyber Stretch neoprene so you get 130% super stretch. You get great paddling and great freedom of movement for big surf moves. Sealed GBS Glued Blind Stitching seams greatly reduce water entry. Internally these seams are additionally sealed with Maki_Tape.

High Tech Construction

This is 100% neoprene tape that is super flex and provides great sealing and warmth. Not getting water into the ION Onyx Amp Mens Semidry Steamer 3-2mm to slosh around and cool you down is very important to keeping you extra warm.

The ION Onyx Amp Mens Wetsuit Semidry Steamer 3-2mm has Hot_Stuff lining. This is a fleecy plush lining on the internal key panels so you get almost instant warmth. It gets warm as soon as you put your suit on, even if it’s still damp.

There’s reduced seams through the suit, such as the single seam leg, and single panel back. This makes for great flexibility and reduced weight. So the suit helps maximise your body movement and total surf performance. The ION Onyx Amp Mens Steamer 3-2mm knees have a special treatment with the Ninja_Knee, a special panel that provides exceptional flexibility.

This is important as getting good knee flex is vital to getting to your popup on yourboard. Supra_Tex treatment below this panel provides durability in this high wear area.

SEAL_Tite is a an extra seal at the wrists, ankles and neck that prevents flushing even through heavy wipeouts keeping you warmer longer. The ION Onyx AMP Wetsuit Semidry Steamer 3-2mm LS long sleeve will get you out for performance surfing in comfort in the cold. To find out more on how ION Wetsuits can power your surfing check here : ION Wetsuits Core Performance

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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