Liive The Rocks Sunglasses


The Liive The Rocks Sunnies gives you an awesome wrap around look. The lenses curve from your nose bridge right around to the corner of your eye, hugging your face. You also get polarised and optically correct lenses

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Liive The Rocks Sunglasses

The Liive The Rocks Sunglasses give you an awesome look with maximum sun protection. These are your classic wrap arounds with a heap of style, not too big or ostentatious. They fit close and the lenses are way cool, following a curve from your nose bridge all the way to the corner of your eyes.

A key feature is that the lenses are polarised. This is a great and advanced feature for when you focus on viewing the surf. Polarisation greatly reduces glare coming from the water. Without this glare you can see the wave face better, see detail such as bump, lump and backwash. This clarity of vision will help you make better decisions regards where and when to surf.

Polarised lenses also help you see into the water to check rock pools, fish and such. The lenses are also optically correct. Australian Standards rate the lenses as Category 3. This means that these sunnies give you – “a high level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.” High quality material gives you vision without distortion.

So from checking the surf to reading, these sunglasses will give you a true view of the world. These are a great pair of ultra cool awesome wrap around sunnies. Check our full range of Sunglasses at Manly Surfboards>Eyewear

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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