Komunity Project Naked Elliptical Leash


The Komunity Project Naked Elliptical Leg Rope features super tech cord slim line on one side & robust on the other. Check our Surf Accessories NOW!


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Komunity Project Naked Elliptical Leash

The Komunity Project Naked Elliptical Leash comes out of a Kelly Slater initiative, the Komunity Project. This leash is super high tech with key new features. The cord is only 3.5mm thick on one side. This is amazing. It aids your performance as it reduces the total weight and clutter of the leash. The narrowness creates an elliptical shape specifically designed to make the leash skip across the top of the water so it won’t catch under your fins. On the other axis the cord is around 7mm thick so you still get a lot of strength.

The leash incorporates triple swivels. These are Komunity’s highest grade stainless steel swivels that spin freely. Swivels keep your leash from twisting up and interfering with your feet or fins. Having three swivels ensures maximum freedom in these areas. There’s a double swivel at your ankle, most importantly keeping the leash from making you trip up. The other swivel is on your rail saver keeping your fins free.

A detachable triple wrap rail saver is also part of the package so your board gets maximum protection. So it’s super easy to thread the leash to your board deck plug a plug buddy is included. This is a small plastic tag that makes it super easy to thread your leash rope onto your plug. The Komunity Project Naked Elliptical Leg Rope is a super high tech leash for everyday surfing and comes with a one year warranty. To find out more on how Komunity can power your surfing check here: Komunity Project Surf Gear

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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