H2Odyssey GK7 Gloves


H2Odyssey GK7 Gloves. Nylon comfort with PVC webbing. Maximising your paddle power. Check our range of Surf gear and Accessories Online NOW!

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H2Odyssey GK7 Gloves

The H2Odyssey GK7 Gloves are a handy way to enhance your surf performance. The gloves provide webbing between your fingers so each stroke generates more power when paddling. They’re constructed of stretch lycra on the back so you get comfort and fit. On the palm there’s a flexi durable PVC coating that provides good grip when wet. Inbetween each of the fingers there’s an additional layer of this PVC on both sides. This is where the water is trapped and provides you with extra propulsion.

The H2Odyssey gloves have a substantial velcro clasp on the wrist that ensure they stay with you.


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Weight.2 kg
Dimensions20 x 10 x 5 cm


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