Futures Alpha T1 + 1 Twin Fin Set


The Futures Alpha T1 + 1 Twin Fin Set gives you Thruster liveliness with flow and projection of a Twin. The base is that of a wide Thruster while the tip has more area and a peak to give you projection, drive and flow.

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Futures Alpha T1 + 1 Twin Fin Set

The Futures Alpha T1 + 1 Twin Fin Set gives you high performance to liven up your Twinnie. The set includes two side twin fins and a smaller third trailer fin. Unlike most fins for twins this fin brings Thruster performance with Twin tweaks. So instead of tracking and being harder and slower to put into a change of direction, like doing a cut back, these fins have more pivot. You can jam that turn. Or drop to the bottom, drive to the top, and drive down again. You aren’t stuck doing slow loping turns. However added to this Thruster feel is a wider tip and beak. The extra area in the tip gives you projection so you can hold your change of direction for longer turns. The beak gives you flow, keeping it smooth rather than having the tip release or break away prematurely. The base of the fins is the same as a large Thruster then that width is carried up the fin so you end up with more area overall. This area equates to drive.

Alpha Construction

The Alpha material adds another dimension so you get liveliness and resilience. This means the fin will load up and hold energy as you go into turns and release giving you a boost on the way out. The Alpha finish includes texture on the fins so you get reduced drag and enhanced flow and speed. Coming with a third trailer fin, that’s considerably smaller, you can surf these true to the twin fin ethos or add a touch of control with the rear fin. Even with their size and area these fins are light and strong. Stronger than fibreglass. Lighter than honeycomb.

These fins come with the Futures Truss Base making them even lighter. Breaking under heavy impact the base reduces the risk of injury or board damage. To find out more on how Futures can power your surfing check here: Future fins – Surf Better

Specs are as follows: Side fins Height: 5.14″ Base: 4.8″ Area: 19.79″ Foil: Flat. Rear Fin Height: 2.26″ Base: 2.37″ Area: 3.77″ Foil: Flat for sides; Symmetrical for rear fin

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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