Future Fins Legacy HC Neutral Tri Fin Set


The Future Fins Legacy Honey Comb Neutral Tri Fin Set matches what you put in. It’s Neutral template gives speed and drive with consistent feel. So you can setup big moves, free releases and airs

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Future Fins Legacy HC Neutral Tri Fin Set

The Future Fins Legacy HC Neutral Tri Fin Set gives you great all round performance. Being Neutral means you get the perfect balance between drive and speed. They’re very predictable under your feet. This is an important feature to have for your surfing and valued by many Pros. It means that when you push on these Thruster fins you get drive and speed. So when you push harder you get more drive and speed. This is different than a fin that gives you more pivot or one that gives you more projection. They also give you a consistent feel. There’s no quirky over-flex or wash out. The fin shape is balanced between being upright  for pivot and raked for down the line drive. Raked means sloped towards the back. So this balance means the fin is great for performance in a wide range of wave types.

Ultra Light

Construction of the Future Fins Legacy HC Neutral Tri Fin Set is HC honey comb. So you get a very light set of fins. Future’s layup keeps the fin stiff with less flex in the body while the tip is flexier. A Ride Number of 6.8 out of 10 means speed is optimised.

The width of the base is carried up the fin and into the tip. This gives you a lot of drive and speed in weak waves. At the top it’s not as loose as some templates because of the thicker tip but this tip helps do complete power turns rather than just flick turns. The Legacy HC Series comes in 3 sizes, F4 is Small, F6 is Medium, F8 is large, to match your body size or wave size. Check our full range of Surfboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins


F4- Area 14.22″; Height 4.37″; Base 4.22″; Foil Sides Flat Rear 50/50

F6- Area 15.12″; Height 4.56″; Base 4.35″; Foil Sides Flat Rear 50/50

F8- Area 15.90″; Height 4.64″; Base 4.47″; Foil Sides Flat Rear 50/50


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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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