Future Fins AM1 Black Stix 3 Tri Set


Future Fins AM1 Black Stix 3 Thruster Set. Super dynamic performance V2 foil and carbon fibre. Check our Surfboards and Accessories Online NOW!

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Future Fins AM1 Black Stix 3 Tri Set

The Future Fins AM1 Black Stix 3 Tri Set is a super responsive fin. It comes with a ride number of 9.8 out of 10 so is super speed generating. It has a V2 foil indicating the curvature of the sides of the fin. The inner curve goes from a V at the base to flat at the tip purpose built for speed. As you push into a turn water speeds giving you speed and creating lift. The outline of the fin has rake, it curves more towards the rear, so it holds in as you carve. The refined tip loads up energy then releases giving you an extra boost especially off the top. In softer weaker conditions it gives you added performance.

Construction includes Carbon Fiber over honeycomb making it one of the lightest fins in the Futures lineup. The AM1 Black Stix 3 is for surfers of medium size. So in the 65-88kg range. The fins feature the Futures Truss Base designed to break under impact reducing the risk of injury. The AM1 is named for its designer, Al Merrick. Al is one of the world’s great shapers and long-time shaper for Kelly Slater. So you get an indication of the quality of the design. Specs are as follows: Side Fins- Height: 4.50″ Base: 4.50″ Area: 14.84″ Foil: V2. Center Fin- Height: 4.29″ Base: 4.31″ Area: 13.35″ Foil: Symmetrical. To find out more on how Futures can power your surfing check here: Future fins – Surf Better

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