Funkshen Warrior PE Bodyboard Zed Core


The Funkshen Warrior Bodyboard gives you super flex with great PE core enhancing your turns. Carbon stringer is super light giving high energy recoil. A great performance value bodyboard

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Funkshen Warrior PE Bodyboard Zed Core

The Funkshen Warrior PE Bodyboard gives you great performance at great value. It’s design supports two styles of boarding. If you’re a Beginner wanting to progress rapidly the Warrior gives you a great starting point, with extra flex to bring on turns. You also get a carbon stringer boost so you get heaps of pop, speed and fun.

If you’re an Advanced surfer you get great performance features at a great price. So you can use the Warrior as your board for trying out new and big moves.

PE Flex

Let’s look at the features. The core is PE. This is softer foam, so you sit in the wave, not on it, and get great flex for carving. The carbon stringer is super light and stiffens the core. So as you flex your board into turns the stringer limits your rocker keeping you flatter and faster. It also loads up recoil and boosts you.

The Funkshen Warrior PE Bodyboard deck is a custom Cellu-Cushion. This is long wearing while giving you good engagement with your board. So you won’t be sliding around there’s also deck contours and nose bulbs for grip.

The Dura HDPE slick bottom gives you instantaneous high speed. So in small surf you’ll have high speed fun. In big waves you’ll be outracing sections. You get great all round performance from the rails. The bottom channels give you great water flow and bite on steeper faces, while the crescent tail aids powerful changes of direction.

Nose and tail bumpers give protection increasing your board life. This is a fun performance bodyboard at great value. Check our full range of Bodyboards at Manly Surfboards>Bodyboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 120 × 30 × 20 cm


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