Foamie Surfboard Wax


The Foamie Surfboard Wax gives you all the features needed to get great traction on your Softboard without damage. Once on it stays on

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Foamie Surfboard Wax

The Foamie Surfboard Wax gives you great traction for your Softboard. This wax uses a special formula to make it ideal for Softboards. With Softboards having a soft deck a special wax is needed so as not to damage the board and for the wax to be retained.

So this wax is soft. It’s easy to apply only needing a limited amount of pressure. Each long even stroke will leave a layer of wax on your Softboard deck. Going over areas several times the wax will accumulate till there’s enough for your toes to grip into.

Other waxes, if they’re too hard they’ll not adhere to the deck. There’s also the danger that hard wax block will mark and score or dent the deck. This is very easy to do so it’s important to use the right wax.

The wax also needs to remain soft and not harden after a surf as you can’t use a wax comb to freshen it up as that will definitely scratch. So Foamie wax has a purpose-designed formula to stay soft, to be easy to apply, and to last after your surf. Check our full range of Surf Gear at Manly Surfboards>Surf Gear

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