FK Stretch Surfboard Cover


The FK Stretch Cover gives you a stretchy great value & longwearing cover. It’s great first level protection to keep your board free of dust, dents and dings. Also protects your car interior while being quick to get out for your daily surf

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FK Stretch Surfboard Cover

The FK Stretch Cover gives you great protection for your board.  It’s quick to slide on and off making it super easy to protect your board between every surf. The fabric protects from light bumps and scrapes. Both width and longways the bag stretches so you get a super snug fit covering the shape. It’s much easier to handle than a large travel cover and ideal for areas where space is at a premium. For example as the cover is thin you can fit your board in the cover behind a couch or door, even under your bed. The The FK Surfboard Bag doesn’t add any extra bulk while still giving protection. This type of bag is referred to as a surfboard sock cover as it fits so well.

The FK Stretch Cover is ideal for transporting your board in your car for your daily surf. It protects your car interior from wax and marking while protecting your board from scuffs and scratches. If you’ve got a few boards or your mate’s boards in the car it provides perfect protection so you don’t get their wax on your board bottom slowing you down. It leaves your board immediately at hand and ready to surf with a quick slide out of the bag. The bag can also be used inside your travel cover giving you another layer of protection that takes up almost no space.

Extra pieces cover either side of the nose protecting this vulnerable area. The stretch material is hard wearing polyester fabric. So will not wear out. For closure this surfboard sock cover has a drawstring to seal the bag so you can easily stash extra gear. To find out more on how FK Far King can power your surfing check here: FK Surf Essentials.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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