FCS Julian Wilson Tail Pad


FCS Julian Wilson Tail Pad. Signature pad with reduced weight & extra traction channels and to grip holes. Check our Surfboards and Accessories Online NOW!

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FCS Julian Wilson Tail Pad

The FCS Julian Wilson Tail Pad is the signature pad of the WSL standout. Julian’s design goal is to improve traction while reducing weight. The Trapeze arch bar is substantial. It’s wide and long yet weight has been reduced by removing channels that in turn provide additional traction.

Julian says, ‘I have very high expectations when it comes to performance, and with this pad I focused on increasing traction while reducing weight.’ The side pieces also have multi holes that provide grip for your toes while also reducing weight.

Layout is that of a classic 3 piece pad. The two side pieces can be extended closer to the rails. So wide and narrow tail boards will get good coverage. The outer pieces of the pad are the widest so give traction closer to the rail matching foot placement.

The arch flattens out at the back so creates a sweet spot next to the kick that the side of your foot naturally fits into. There you get maximum connection and drive. Rising almost vertically the tail kick is ideal to jam your foot up against.

The pad thickness is ultra thin so you can really feel your board. The sanded surface gives you additional sensitivity. The centre piece is a touch shorter so the pad placement can be right above your leash plug so your foot will be right over your back fin giving maximum drive. To find out more on how FCS can power your surfing check here: FCS Surf Advantage

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 cm


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