FCS II MF PC Tri Fin Set


FCS II MF PC Fin Set. Lightning moves, speed & power from Mick Fanning’s lightweight performance fins. Used by many WSL surfers these fins give you heaps of drive.

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FCS II MF PC Tri Fin Set

The FCS II MF PC Tri Fin Set is the signature fin of multi-World Champion Mick Fanning. Big fast lightning moves characterise Mick’s surfing. So this fin will help you match his style. The fin features a thinner tip that gives you a high degree of flex so you whip through your turns. It also has a greater depth. So the fin holds into the wave giving you drive. Slightly narrower at the base this provides more freedom so you can throw your board around for dynamic moves. Big snaps, long roundhouse carves and cut backs will all feature in your repertoire. Mick’s fin comes in two sizes, Medium for surfers 65-80kg and Large for surfers in the 75-90kg range.

PC refers to the construction of the fin, Performance Core, so you get the feel of a traditional fibreglass fin with the added performance of reduced weight. The MF fins will help you perform in down the line, point and reef waves. They’ll perform best in your board with deep concave and moderate-to-extreme rocker. Note, the FCS II MF PC Fin Set is for exclusive use with the FCS II Fin System. So it will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System. To find out more on how FCS can power your surfing check here: FCS Surf Advantage

Fin Specs are as follows: MEDIUM (Blue): Base: 4.35″ / 110mm Depth: 4.50″/ 114mm Area: 14.62″ / 9434mm Sweep: 36.0 Foil: Flat LARGE (Black): Base: 4.49″ / 114.0mm Depth: 4.67″ / 119mm Area: 15.70″ / 10131mm Sweep: 36.0 Foil: Flat

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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