DSCO Bearings Abec 5


The DSCO Abec 5 give you great performance and value with lock tight bearing spacers for speed. Quality components will remain free rolling

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DSCO Bearings Abec 5

The DSCO Bearings Abec 5 give you great all round performance. In the middle of DSCO range they use a higher quality set of chromium steel bearings and deep groove races to give consistent performance to your skating.

Abec 5 refers to a rating for the precision and hence performance of your bearings. From 1 to 9, the Abec 5s sits right in the middle giving good performance across a range of conditions and also great value. These bearings will give you good performance across a range of road conditions.

Another key feature is these bearings include lock tight bearing spacers. These allow for more even weight distribution. So the bearings will roll more freely also giving more speed.

The included frictionless rubber shields are removable. The nylon ball cages are impact-resistant. DSCO is an Australian company giving you what you need for fun, performance skating. Check our full range of Skate Gear at Manly Surfboards>Skate

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