DSCO Bearings Infernos


The DSCO Infernos are a great value component for your entry level board or Beginner Skating. Good quality materials give good rolling

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DSCO Bearings Infernos

The DSCO Bearings Infernos are a great value component for your skateboard. Sitting at the lower end of the DSCO range the price is right for this set of 8 good quality bearings.

Their ABEC rating isn’t provided so they aren’t operating to super precise tolerances. However tests have shown from least to most expensive, when ridden new, bearings have only a marginal performance difference. So these will roll a little slower yet for your entry-level board or as a Beginner rider this is fine.

The lower tolerances allow road dirt and junk to pass easily out of the wheels. So if you stack into the grass and clog your wheels with dirt a few good bangs will keep you rolling. Similarly if you run into a puddle the dirt and grime will wash out.

Construction is of quality chromium steel bearings. Set in quality steel deep groove races you get solid riding. Nylon cages keep out a lot of road dirt. Removable frictionless rubber shields are also included. DSCO is an Australian company giving you what you need for fun, performance skating. Check our full range of Skate Gear at Manly Surfboards>Skate

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