DSCO Bearings Ceramic


The DSCO Bearings Ceramic gives you free-lowing speed with lowest corrosion and high DSCO quality. Premium skate tool included

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DSCO Bearings Ceramic

The DSCO Bearings Ceramic give you a great ride and performance with specific characteristics. The ceramic bearings give you a different feel than steel. The zirconia ceramic construction of the bearings does mean you get great smooth free-rolling that stays free rolling.

The ceramic is resistant to the corrosion that plagues most metals. It’s great if you’re in an environment that is constantly damp or wet and want to maintain free-flowing carving and speed.

The bearings include high-caliber deep groove races to match the ceramic bearing quality. Impact resistant nylon ball cages house it all. Lock tight bearing spacers give you more even weight distribution. So the bearings will roll more freely also giving more speed.

A premium credit card size skate tool and sleeve is included, axle nuts and washes too, along with cleaning instructions and sticker. Check our full range of Skate Gear at Manly Surfboards>Skate

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