Cressi Top Junior Snorkel


The Cressi Top Junior Snorkel gives you kids a soft mouthpiece and smaller size for an easier bite. A splash guard prevents water entry and any water that does enter can be expelled via the purge valve at the snorkel base

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Cressi Top Junior Snorkel

The Cressi Top Junior Snorkel gives your kids a great way to view the undersea wonders. Cressi produce gear to the highest level of quality and durability. So the design of the Top snorkel gives your kids get maximum comfort along with easy breathing.

The Top has a smaller mouthpiece made to give kids the perfect fit. Construction is of extra soft silicone. So it’s comfy in the mouth. The whole snorkel is smaller too so making it easier for your kids to get around in the water.

The snorkel top has a special tip that prevents water entry from waves and splashes. The base of the snorkel has a streamlined design. So it tucks up out of the way reducing drag underwater. The base also includes a purge valve at the bottom to expel water.

This is part of the Cressi range so is a great accompaniment to any of Cressi’s kid’s masks and will provide hours of underwater fun. Check our full range of Dive and Swim Gear at Manly Surfboards>Dive Swim


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